Quick Reads with Strong Takes on Cleveland Sports!

No one loves their sports teams like Cleveland sports fans. I’m one of you. I was born and raised five minutes from Downtown Cleveland and I (like you) have been through it all. One thing you quickly learn about Cleveland sports fans is how we love talking about our Cleveland sports teams. I’m hoping this blog provides a safe place we can all do this together. And I think I may have figured out what makes us all so crazy about our teams.

We may be the most-passionate fans on the planet. We are the definition of die-hard. My passion for Cleveland sports came from my Dad. He was an Indians fan first, then Browns and Cavs. My first professional sporting event was an Indians game when I was 7 years old. I remember walking up the ramp at Municipal Stadium and seeing the field for the first time. It was so big, bright, and colorful- nothing like it looks on television.

I was there when Dennis Eckersley no-hit the California Angels 1-0. It was one of the first games I saw in person, I was hooked. My Dad used to always talk about 10 cent beer night. He was there. He always blamed Billy Martin, then Manager of the Texas Rangers, for inciting the crowd and causing the riot. He did not rush the field, but I think he got his six-beer limit.

I got my first official American League baseball from Indians catcher Bo Diaz. He was warming up in front of the Indians dugout, playing catch 10 feet from me. I must’ve asked him 100 times if I can have the ball he was using, so just before he went into the dugout-he flipped it to me.

I was there when the Browns beat the Vikings on a fake-field goal attempt in overtime in 1989. That was the coldest game I’ve ever sat through. They ran out of hot chocolate and coffee. But the overtime win warmed everyone up.

I was also at The Q in 2016 when the Cavs ended our championship drought. What a night. I took my son and one of my best friends on the planet came along and he brought his Dad. They, too, are Cleveland sports nuts. After the win, walking the streets of Downtown, hugging and giving high-fives every step of the way. It was a lot of fun.

I think that’s part of what makes Cleveland sports fans so passionate about our teams. No matter what happens, win or lose, there is always a great story to tell. That’s what I hope to accomplish here, on this site.

I’ll share my opinion on various Cleveland sports topic and hope you feel free to do the same. The drought may be over, but I won’t be satisfied until all of our teams hoist the trophy, so let’s talk about our Cleveland sports teams.

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