Greg Williams Gets It


I got the chance to attend Cleveland Browns training camp the other day. It was fun. I’ve attended Browns training camp in the past, but this one was different.  Partly because I got the chance to talk to Browns Defensive Coordinator Greg Williams for a few minutes. What he told me would make any Browns fan feel really good about the upcoming season.

Greg Williams is in his second year as the Browns’ Defensive Coordinator and going through his second Cleveland Browns training camp. I was surprised to look over after practice and see him signing autographs just a few feet from us. My son was with me, along with my brother-in-law and nephew. Coach Williams talked as he signed and when he got to us I asked him how things were looking.

He said “There’s something special happening. I turned down 7 other job offers to come here.”

Why Greg Williams Gets It

That’s why Greg Williams gets it. He knows Cleveland fans want guys who WANT to be here. We talked a little bit about this being his second year and having his guys in his system. He said “It starts with defense. Defense wins championships.” And then he threw in, “Heck, the Saints haven’t won anything since I left.”

After spending a few minutes with him and watching him treat my son and nephew so nicely, laughing, joking with them, taking pictures, it’s hard to believe he was even a part of “Bountygate” back in the day. He felt more like a guy I wanted to grab a beer with, not a hard-nosed, tough-minded football coach putting hits on opposing players.

Greg Williams Oozes Confidence

The other thing that struck me is just how confident he is in his group. It’s almost like he using his second Cleveland Browns training camp to ensure that confidence trickles down to everyone around him, including the fans.

Greg Williams knows what he has and if this defense starts setting the tone, and gives the offense the extra chances it lacked last season, it’s going be a lot of fun to watch. Give this group a chance to play with a lead and pin its ears back and it could get ugly for Browns opponents. Offense will sell Cleveland Browns tickets, but defense will win us a championship.

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