Indians Trade Rumors Were Just That-Or Were They?


I love the kid in this picture. It’s as if he is looking off into the distance, waiting for the Indians to pull of that big move that will spearhead the run to the World Series. Well, he and every other Tribe fan on the planet is now sitting in stunned silence. It turns out all of the Indians trade rumors were just that-rumors. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be excited.

The kid in the picture may also be in deep thought, wondering “WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED?” We kept hearing all of those Indians trade rumors featuring names like Andrew Mccutcheon, Brian Dozier (who’s now a Dodger), and Bryce Harper. YES! BRYCE freaking HARPER! But none of them are sporting an Indians jersey today.

Instead we got Leonys Martin! He’s a 30-year old  centerfielder from Detroit. We also got minor league pithcer Kyle Dowdy.  He’s right-handed. I know, right?

We only had to give up one of our top young prospects to them, too-Willie Castro! Castro hit .290 with 11 homers at Class A Lynchburg last year, but this year is a different story. At Double-A Akron, Castro was hitting only .245 with 5 home runs and 39 RBI. What’s really telling is his strikeouts. He has struck out 84 times this year- he struck out 90 times all last year in A ball.

The moral of this story- Castro may not have been the great prospect we had hoped.

Defense Wins Championships

Now here are some notes on Martín that the Indians posted on their Twitter account:

  • 2.1 fWAR
  • 9 HRs
  • His 9 OF assists this year is tops in the AL
  • Since 2013, his 59 OF assists are tied for 2nd-most in MLB

That’s pretty impressive. Why? Pitching and DEFENSE wins championships (ask Greg Williams). I know I’ve been preaching about getting a bat in the lineup to protect Edwin Encarnacion, but to give up a severely struggling minor league prospect to get one of the best defensive centerfielders in the league is not a bad trade.

By the way, the Indians do need outfielders.

Indians Trade Rumors Not Dead Yet

And fear not, the trade deadline is not really a deadline after all. Former Tribe Pitcher and current FOX Sports Ohio Tribe analyst Jensen Lewis Tweeted Just because a “major” trade doesn’t happen before 4pm, doesn’t mean a MAJOR move isn’t on the horizon. BIG names will be on waivers (Harper, McCutchen, Donaldson, etc) in a week or so.. big deal can still go down in August.”

Remember Jay Bruce last year? That deal went down August 9th. My guess is that San Francisco (McCutcheon) and Washington (Harper) want to hold out a little longer to see if teams get a little more desparate and up the ante. We’ll see.

So, were all of those Indians trade rumors? Yes, but it’s not over yet. Hopefully, the kid in the picture will hang on that fence a few more weeks because the best Indians trade rumor could still be confirmed. Remember, Bryce Harper plays right field, the only outfield spot left to fill.


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