Tristan Thompson Should Have Been The Bigger Man

Tristan Thompson warming up before a game against the Brooklyn Nets.

What is Tristan Thompson thinking?  Tristan Thompson reportedly punched Draymond Green during an ESPYs after party last month. He should have been the bigger man.

LeBron is gone. Kevin Love is the new leader, but when you look over the roster, Tristan Thompson is second in command. Thompson has been with the Cavsliers for 7 seasons. He was drafted by the Cavs. He will be looked upon as a leader of this team.

But punching out Draymond Green at a party is not being a leader. He needed to be smarter than that. Trust me, I don’t like Green either and I get the air was never cleared after the Finals, but he should have walked away.

Fight Boiled Over From Finals

You may remember at the end of Game 1 versus the Warriors, Green charged Thompson after Tristan was tossed from the game. I thought Tristan got a raw deal and Green should have been thrown out for running at Thompson and clapping his hands at him. But it didn’t end there.

Video shows Green dogging Thompson and swearing at him after game 4. The Warriors swept the Cavs and as the players were shaking hands Green did not look at Thompson, but told him “I don’t f— with you.”

That’s Green- the eternal instigator. He’s the one who also poked LeBron in the eye, but we’ll save that for another day. The guy is bad news, but Thompson shouldn’t have stooped to his level.

Green and Thompson apparently hadn’t seen each other until the night of the ESPYs. LeBron was hosting the party and word is, Green came over to apologize to Thompson for what he said. Well, Thompson wasn’t apparently having it.

Thompson is Not a Veteran Leader

Before all of this, you may remember during the season, when Thompson was caught cheating on his girlfriend Khole Kardashian. The incident was caught on tape. She was 3 months pregnant at the time WITH HIS BABY!

He even gets roasted on Instagram for his unfaithfulness. And now this.

Thompson had the opportunity to be the bigger man. He didn’t have to talk to him, he could have walked away and no one would have ever known they were in the same room together. But when start throwing punches, people talk, and word gets out.

This team is going to need veteran leadership. Tristan Thompson is a veteran, but he is not a leader. I hope he can find some way to prove me wrong. If not, consider this Kevin Love’s team.

Cancel the Parade

On top of that, I hear some people are planning a parade to celebrate Thompson’s antics?I would hold off on that parade. Let’s be the bigger fan. How do you explain that one to your kids? What are they going to do? Throw punches instead of candy?

C’mon people. We’re better than that-we’re Cleveland.



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