I Have a “Dezperate” Solution For The Callaway Controversy

dez bryant

We’re in the office, minding our own business when one of my co-workers says “Just got a text. Callaway busted for pot.” That’s when half the office and every Browns fan on the planet screamed “You’ve got to be kidding me!” Newly named starting Wide Receiver Antonio Callaway in trouble AGAIN! The criticism he’s enduring is widespread and well deserved. But I have a solution.

Credit ESPN Cleveland reporter Tony Grossi for breaking the bad news. He not only broke it to us, he also broke it to the Browns. Callaway NEVER TOLD THE TEAM what happened at 3AM on Sunday morning. They found out when they saw Grossi’s report.

The police report says Callaway failed to yield to oncoming traffic on Howe Road. During the traffic stop police discovered Callaway’s license was suspended. They also found a small amount of marijuana under the driver’s seat of his car. Do you know how? Callaway agreed to let officers search his car because he thought it was clean! Go ahead, I’ll wait– “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?”

Callaway Tweets Hours After Incident

What’s even more frustrating is Callaway Tweeted THIS early Monday morning:

According to Cleveland.com, Callaway was already in Stage 1 of the NFL’s substance abuse program as punishment for failing a drug test at the combine in February.  He says he smoked pot about six weeks before the combine.

His stock dropped, but the Browns took him in the fourth-round of the draft this year. Not only did he fail the drug test, but he also missed the entire 2017 season at Florida. The Gators suspended him for his role in a credit card fraud scheme a year ago.

Callaway Deserves Criticism

The Browns are giving Callaway a golden opportunity, or should I say were? This might be over before it started. If not, Callaway’s got a long way to go to regain the trust the Browns had.

It didn’t take long for Twitter to start unloading on Callaway. And he deserves every bit of it. Gotta admit, @MikeCleveland cracked me up with this one.

But I digress. To me the only solution at this point is to GO GET DEZ. Now we have a spot for him. And it appears he has a spot for us in his heart.

See the “I don’t look bad in that Browns uniform” comment from @dezbryant?

Replace Callaway With Dez

You can’t let Callaway retain his spot in the starting lineup. He may be lucky to hold onto his spot on the roster. If the league doesn’t punish him (and I’m sure they will) the Browns must send him a message.

Josh Gordon is coming back– mark my words. I’m not worried about his status at all. If the Browns are serious about bringing Dez Bryant in, now is the time to do it. Callaway needs more time to grow up and Dez will buy the Browns that time.

Dez is not the elite number one receiver he once was, but he’d be a great complement to Gordon and Jarvis Landry.

We have the cap space and a starting position to offer Bryant. Now is the time.

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