The Browns Are Fighting Mad-At Each Other

If the next preseason game against Buffalo doesn’t get here soon enough, the Cleveland Browns may not make it. This team is chomping at the bit to compete. The signs were clear on Day 14 of training camp.

cleveland browns fight

The tension was building early in practice. By the halfway point it took a turn for the worst.  Wide Receiver Jeff Janis and Defensive Back Jeremiah McKinnon went after each other. The two were quickly separated.

A few minutes later Cornerback Briean Boddy-Calhoun lost his helmet when it was ripped off by Linebacker Brady Shelton during a kickoff drill. There was a pileup and practice resumed.

Round 3 began when Jarvis Landry caught a pass from Tyrod Taylor and Defensive Back Terrance Mitchell grabbed him from behind. Mitchell thought it would be a good idea to stand over Landy as he went to the ground. Landy popped up and threw the ball at Mitchell. The coaches even rushed in on this one to help restore order.

Head Coach Hue Jackson told 92.3 The Fan Browns Beat writer Daryl Ruiter: “Guys know that as long as we don’t start swinging with our fists and we let it go, we can move on from it. It’s not something we want to do every day but this is that point in training camp when things start happening like that.”

The in-fighting is a great sign. Why? We finally have some competitors on this team. Guys who are bringing it every day. You heard Jarvis Landry talk about it in his now infamous “Hard Knocks” speech.

You gotta be out there. It’s all part of the culture change. And if you’re going to be out there, you gotta compete. It’s the only way to get better. You practice how you play.

We caught a glimpse of it in the preseason opener against the Giants. This team is going to play with a chip on its shoulder and the league should take notice.

And by the way, if you’re not a fan of Landry yet, this might help to change your mind.

The guy is all in and leading the charge.

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