Jarvis Landy Is The True Leader of The Cleveland Browns

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The more Jarvis Landry talks. The more I listen. This guy is the epitome of what the Cleveland Browns have needed for years- and here’s why.

If you haven’t seen the ESPN E:60 report on Landry, you should. The story details how his drive to become the best wide receiver in the NFL led him out of the small-Louisiana town he grew up in.

His love for former San Francisco 49ers legend Jerry Rice fueled his fire.

His drive and his relentless attitude changed the identity of his high school team. One of his coaches said it.  And then, again, at LSU.

He now brings that same mentality to the Browns. It’s EXACTLY what this team needs- an identity. A “we’re not taking anymore crap” kind of identity.

Landry does it all on the field: Catch, Block, Hustle. And he’s not afraid to tell you. He says this is why he considers himself to be the best receiver in the game.

It’s that confidence that’s permeating through the whole organization. You can see it. The intensity at practice, the fights, the penalties- consider them growing pains. In the end though, it will pay off.

According to a report by ESPN Senior Writer Elizabeth Merrill “He (Landy) believes he was meant to be here (Cleveland). He loves the wide-open space of the Midwest and the fact that everyone cares so much for the football team.”

In other words, just like Defensive Coordinator Greg Williams- he gets it. 

You see some of the characteristics Landry exudes in future Quarterback Baker Mayfield. His tenacity to win doesn’t always favorably present itself, but his intentions are good.

The Browns are going to win this year. They’re going to win a lot of games. It will because of Landry and his desire to come in and help change the culture.

He’s already lobbying to replace LeBron’s old banner with him. He feels his play will back it up.

I do, too.


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